Welcome, Meet Anna!

Welcome, Meet Anna!

Coder. Accessibility Advocate. Ramen Lover. Creative Force For Good.

Anna is a teen on a mission to empower and inspire. She is passionate about motivating people to do amazing things, take risks, and get involved—with a focus on accessibility, inclusion, and equity. She is a fearless public speaker, once speaking to over 16,000 screaming teenagers at WE Day Takoma. She also enjoys creating motivational videos for her Instagram channel. She’s also passionate about social justice issues and looks for ways to serve her community. 

Anna loves reading and can easily spend hours lost inside a book store or library. She enjoys learning about American History, Art History, and Literature. Anna also plays competitive chess, which she started in 2016. Since then she’s played in international-level tournaments and was featured in a CNN mini-documentary highlighting her participation in the World Junior Chess Championship for Players with Disabilities. Recently Anna started volunteering teaching beginner-chess lessons with Chess Girls DC.

Anna has Osteogenesis Imprefecta, Type III, which means her bones break easier than others. This doesn’t stop Anna though. She just uses a wheelchair or crutches to help get around, and has traveled around the world spreading positivity.

She stars in the feel-good television show, Operation Awesome featuring a group of teens traveling across the country to help make a difference in local communities.

Anna currently serves on the Microsft Council for Digital Good, comprised of teens from across the country dedicated to building safer and more accessible digital spaces.

Recently Anna and her family were selected to Live Anywhere with Airbnb. They will be spending the year on an epic cross-country road trip, making sure to share their adventures along the way.

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