Wheelchair and a Passport

Wheelchair and a Passport

Accessible Family-Friendly Travel

Meet Anna Miller:
Traveler, accessibility advocate, ramen lover,
and creative force for good.

She's a teen on a mission to empower. Passionate about motivating people to do amazing things, take risks, and get involved and—that means you!

Anna loves travel and adventure. She hasn't been to every country, but they're all on her list! Her focus is accessibility, inclusion, equity, and representation in travel. Anna is a fearless public speaker and loves nothing more than motiving those others like her to explore the world around them. She wants to make sure everyone feels welcome and knows they can do amazing things. 

Look Around, You'll Find...

Travel Journal

Travel along with me on my adventures. In my travel journal I'll be sharing all the stories from my trips.


Looking to make the most of your vacation days? My suggested itineraries can make planning your adventures even easier.

Adventures In Eating

Let's face it, we're in this for the food! If you're like me and want to make sure you don't miss a single delicious bite, check out my Adventures in Eating.

Travel 101 — COMING SOON!

Ready to start traveling the world but not sure where to start? I've got all the tips for traveling with a physical disability that you'll need to plan your best vacation ever.

Travel All Stars — COMING SOON!

Looking for the best burgers in the country? How about my top 5 things I never forget to pack? This is the place for you!


I love to surround myself with inspring people who are working towards a more equitable world. Check out my interviews with these amazing Roll Models.

Creating Cool Things for People Like You

There are lots of cool things COMING SOON to this website.
Accessibility Guides, Podcasts, Interviews, Motivation, and More!

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